Analysis of CPU power consumption of Intel dual-core motherboards.

Last Update Time: 2019-12-30 11:13:52

1. Work analysis of ISL6566CRZ power management chip.

ISL6566 is a three-phase PWM power supply control chip produced by Intersil Company. It has many advantages, such as high control precision, excellent heat dissipation performance, support for programmable VID and so on. The integrated MOSFET driver unit in the ISL6566 kernel can provide more accurate and meticulous digital voltage to the system, and its special programmable VID code can dynamically monitor the voltage of the CPU.

The ISL6566CRZ chip is shown in figure 1, and the pin name is shown in figure 2. 



      The typical application circuit for ISL6566 is shown in figure 3, marked with heavy working conditions. 


Figure 3 typical application circuit for ISL6566.

The workflow of the ISL6566 power management chip is as follows.

1. 5V voltage to power the VCC pin.

2. The CPU internal VID controller outputs the VID combination signal to the chip VID pin.

  3.The chip receives a ENLL enable signal from an external circuit, which is a high level above IV.

  4.The chip starts to work, controlling the MOS tube step-down output VCORE power supply to the CPU.

  5.VCOER power supply is detected by the circuit return chip VSEN, ISEN pin.

  6.After the chip detects that the VCORE is powered properly, the output PGOOD indicates that the chip is functioning normally.

3. Work analysis of ISL6312 power management chip.

ISL6312 supports four-phase step-down PWM controller, Intel and AMD processors, with over-current protection, over-voltage protection, multi-phase balance protection, digital soft-start and other multi-layer protection functions.

The 1SL6312 pin name is shown in figure 4. 


Figure 4 ISL6312 pin name top view. 



Table 2 ISL6312 pin definitions.


      The typical application of ISL6312 is shown in figure 5, which shows several key operating conditions.

  The workflow of the # ISL6312 power management chip is as follows.


   1. The chip VCC pin has a 5V main power supply.

   2.12V is sent to the chip PVCC1_2, PVCC3 pin to power the internal MOS tube drive on the chip.

   3.CPU internal VID controller works, outputting VID high and low level groups to chip VID0~VID7 pins.

   4.12V sends a voltage higher than 1.21V through resistance to the power management chip EN_PH4 pin.

   5.The external circuit sends a EN enable signal higher than 0.85V.

   6.The above conditions meet the chip start-up work, control the MOS tube step-down output CPU power supply.

   7.When the power supply of the CPU is stabilized, the chip leaks out the PGOOD signal, indicating that the chip is ready to work


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