The different characteristics between Ceramic capacitor and single stone capacitor

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l  Ceramic capacitor

Ceramic capacitors are made of ceramic materials,coated with silver on ceramic sheets, and electrodes are welded. The outer layer is often coated with various color protectors to indicate the temperature coefficient, such as the negative temperature coefficient for white and red; for example, the positive temperature coefficient for gray and blue.

The main characteristics of the ceramic capacitor:

1)Good heat resistance, good stability, good corrosion resistance.


2)Good insulation performance.


3)The dielectric loss is small, and the range of temperature coefficient is wide.


4)Rich raw materials, simple structure, easy to develop new products.


5)The capacity is small, and the mechanical strength is small.

Note: ceramic capacitors are also divided into high frequency ceramic capacitors and low frequency ceramic capacitors.


l  Single stone capacitor


Multilayer ceramic capacitors are coated on several ceramic thin film billets with electrode pulp material, and they are superimposed and sintered into an inseparable whole, and are encapsulated with resin to form a new type of capacitor with small volume, large capacity, high reliability and high temperature resistance. The high dielectric constant low frequency single stone capacitor also has stable performance and volume. Minimum, Q value, high capacity error, larger noise bypass, filter, integral and oscillating circuit.

1)Capacity range: 0.5pF ~1 F.


2)Pressure resistance: two times rated voltage.


3)Features: large capacitance, small volume, high reliability, stable capacitance, high temperature and humidity resistance, etc.


4)Applications: widely used in electronic precision instruments, as well as various small electronic devices in the resonance, coupling, filtering and other circuits.


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