What are the characteristics of niobium electrolytic capacitor and metallized paper capacitor?

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l  Niobium electrolytic capacitor

Niobium electrolytic capacitor is made of niobium metal as the cathode and niobium oxide as the medium. The capacitor can be divided into two types: burning type and foil type according to the positive pole.


The main characteristics of the niobium electrolytic capacitor:

1) niobium electrolytic capacitors with large dielectric constant and same weight are twice as large as tantalum electrolytic capacitors.

2) chemical stability is better, and its performance is better than aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

3) the leakage current and loss are relatively small.


l  Metallized paper capacitor

The metallized paper capacitor is a thin metal film with a thickness of 0.01 mu m on the coated paper, which is evaporated on the coated paper by vacuum evaporation.


The main characteristics of metallized paper capacitor :

1 ) small volume and large capacity, which is smaller than that of paper capacitor under the same capacitance.

2 ) Self-healing capability is its greatest advantage. When the insulation of the capacitor is broken by high voltage, the metal film will soon be evaporated due to the thin metal film, it avoids the danger of short circuit breakdown.

3 ) Stability, aging and insulation resistance are worse than that of porcelain, mica and plastic film capacitors, which are suitable for circuits with low frequency and stability.

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