What are the characteristics of polyester capacitor and mica capacitor?

Last Update Time: 2019-01-12 10:27:31

1. Polyester capacitor

The media of polyester capacitor is polyester film, its shape is sealed by metal shell and sealed by plastic shell. The main characteristics of polyester capacitor :


1 ) Capacitor has large capacity and small volume, and the volume of metal film capacitor is smaller.


2 ) Heat resistance, moisture resistance, and high compressive strength.


3 ) Because the cost of the material is not high, the production cost is low and the price is cheap.


4 ) poor stability, which is suitable for places with low stability.


 2. Mica capacitor

Mica capacitor is mica as the medium, and the electrode has two kinds of metal foil and metal film. Most are coated with a silver electrode on the mica, the core structure is stacked, the shell has a metal shell, a ceramic shell and a plastic shell.

The main characteristics of mica capacitor :

1 ) High stability, high precision and high reliability.


2 ) The dielectric loss is small, and the inherent inductance is small.


3 ) Good temperature characteristic, good frequency characteristic, not easy to be aged.


4) High insulation resistance is one of the excellent high frequency capacitors.


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