What are the commonly used panels for LCD monitors?

Last Update Time: 2021-10-29 11:32:57

The panel type is related to the LCD's response time, color, viewing angle, contrast and other important factors. Commonly used LCD panels include TN (TwistedNematic twisted nematic type), IPS (In-Plane-Switching planar conversion type), VA (VerTIcalAlignment multi-quadrant vertical alignment type) three types, the first two are relatively common.

  TN screen: fast response time is an advantage

   The TN screen is a soft screen that was common earlier. It can press the water ripples by hand. This is one of the earliest LCD panels. It is also currently used in large quantities because its technology is the most mature and the cost is the lowest. The TN screen has a fast response speed, which can reach 1ms at the fastest, and no afterimage will appear. Screens using this material are usually used as professional gaming screens. Through fast response time, TN screens can present high-speed changing scene details without loss.

  Relatively, the defects of the TN panel are also very obvious. The output grayscale is few, the original has only 6bit color, the screen color is white, the viewing angle is small, the display effect is general, and the color cast and brightness difference will appear when viewed from different angles. Therefore, if you are engaged in design, film and television related work, or have higher requirements for screen colors when watching entertainment, it is not recommended to buy this screen.

   IPS screen: wide viewing angle, good color

   The IPS screen panel is hard, and the screen will not be distorted when you touch the screen with your fingers. The IPS screen is much better than the TN panel in terms of color display and viewing angle. It also has a dazzling performance in the color display range and accuracy. The wide viewing angle is the native advantage of the IPS panel, no matter which angle is viewed. There will be a color cast. Most professional screens related to image processing currently use IPS panels. Apple has also been bundled with IPS screens for publicity. For users who prefer Mac, IPS screens are a good choice.

   In addition, although the IPS screen is slightly inferior to the TN screen in response time, but thanks to the excellent color performance of the IPS screen, for ordinary game players who have both office and entertainment needs, the IPS screen is still worth considering.

   Due to the limitation of the IPS screen that needs more backlights to improve the brightness, poor control will cause light leakage, which is a common problem of IPS screens. However, professional screen manufacturers usually have a more standardized control mechanism when dealing with this problem, which is more trustworthy.

   VA screen: high contrast

   VA panels are also soft screens. As long as you touch the panel with your fingers, the VA panel shows the plum pattern, and the TN panel shows the water ripples. VA panel is a panel type that is widely used in mid-to-high-end LCDs. Panel companies such as Fujitsu, Samsung, Chimei Electronics, and AU Optronics have adopted this panel technology. The characteristics of the VA screen are higher tolerance and contrast, which can reach a high contrast of 3000:1. The black and white in the picture are more pure, and there will be no problems such as light leakage.

   The defects of the VA panel are mainly reflected in the response time. Fortunately, the response time of the VA panel has been greatly improved, which is enough for normal use.


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