What is the development status and trend of led display?

Last Update Time: 2021-12-06 10:37:19

Over the past few years, with the further release of the market, the entire LED display industry has regained its vitality, and market competition has intensified. However, in contrast, more and more companies have entered the LED display industry. With this overall increase in competition, it is even more difficult to occupy a position in the LED display industry and become a leader.

In recent years, the steps of industrial transformation and upgrading have been accelerated, but the threshold for entering the LED display industry has not been raised year-on-year, which has also caused the current industrial situation: on the one hand, there are an increasing number of small and medium-sized screen companies with mixed fish and dragons; On the one hand, the threshold for creating a well-known brand in the industry is getting higher and higher; it is well known that the LED display industry has not born a well-known brand with a non-industry background for a long time.

   This situation has also caused multi-LED display practitioners to fall into a development puzzle: in the end, the market is getting better and better, will it cause many industry recruits and veterans to re-enter this industry? Or is it that the market is getting harder and harder, so it hasn't been a long time since a new brand from 0 to 1 has risen?

LED display development trend

   1. Development towards energy saving trend

   Energy saving and environmental protection has always been a new proposition for future life. The LED display itself is very energy-saving. Its characteristics are: high light efficiency, long life, easy control, and maintenance-free. It is a new generation of solid cold light source, with soft light, gorgeous, colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, and is a green and environmentally friendly product. But the power consumption is not small when made into LED display screen. Large LED screens are all large screens and require many points to form. Reducing the power consumption of LED display screens and realizing real energy saving must be an important development trend of LED display.

  2. Development towards light and thin trend

      At present, almost everyone in the industry advertises that their boxes are light and thin. Indeed, thin and light boxes are an inevitable trend to replace iron boxes. In the past, the weight of the iron box itself is not low, and the weight of the steel structure makes the whole very heavy. In this way, many floors of the building are difficult to withstand such heavy attachments. The load-bearing balance of the building and the pressure of the foundation are not acceptable, and it is not easy to disassemble and transport. The cost is greatly increased, so the thin and light box is not allowed by all manufacturers. A trend that does not update.

  3. Towards the trend of patent protection

    The LED industry is fiercely competitive, and almost every company is competing for the market, grabbing customers, and expanding its scale, but few companies really focus on product research and development. In fact, in order to maintain technological competitiveness and reduce the risk of technology spillovers, patents are good. Way of protection. As the industry slowly matures, regulates, and protects its intellectual property rights and intangible assets through patent applications, it is also an inevitable development trend for the LED large-screen industry.


       4. To the trend of rapid and accurate splicing

  This is mainly for LED rental display. The characteristic of leasing is that it is often disassembled and assembled to meet temporary needs, so the display boxes must be able to be spliced quickly and accurately. Hanchuang LED rental screen is super light and thin. Light and thin design is the demand of LED rental screens. LED display screens require frequent disassembly and handling because of the particularity of their application places. The thinner and lighter the LED rental screen is, the more convenient the transportation is, and it can also save more costs. Therefore, rapid and accurate installation is also bound to be the development trend of LED display screens.

   5. Towards the trend of standardization

   LED display screens have sprung up like mushrooms, but only a few can be recognized by the industry. Since many small enterprises were established, because of their small size, small capital, and incapable of keeping up with their R&D capabilities, they tried to take shortcuts, sloppy design, and even plagiarized designs from large companies. The customer has a headache, and this behavior is extremely irresponsible to the customer. Therefore, the standardization of LED large-screen products is also an inevitable trend.

   6. The trend towards smaller pitches

 Small pitch has always been one of the products of the heat. At present, the indoor small pitch has broken through a few points, and the outdoor small pitch has also broken below P2. With the development of technology, the pitch will become smaller and smaller.


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