Which is better, tn panel or ips panel?

Last Update Time: 2022-01-07 10:56:04

 tn panel advantages and disadvantages

At present, most of the TN panels we see are improved TN+film, film is the compensation film, which is used to make up for the lack of the viewing angle of the TN panel. The current viewing angle of the improved TN panel has reached 160 ° The limit value measured in the case of contrast ratio of 10:1, in fact, the image has been distorted or even color cast when the contrast drops to 100:1.


   The advantage of TN panel is that the output gray level is less, the deflection speed of liquid crystal molecules is fast, and the response time is easy to improve. At present, the liquid crystal products on the market under 8ms basically use TN panel. In addition, Samsung has also developed a B-TN (Best-TN) panel, which is actually an improved type of TN panel, mainly to balance the contradiction of image quality in order to balance the high-speed response of the TN panel. At the same time, the contrast ratio can reach 700:1, which is close to that of MVA or early PVA panels. Many panel manufacturers in Taiwan produce TN panels. TN panels are soft screens, and similar watermarks will appear when swiping gently.


   The shortcomings of TN are color and viewing angle. Relatively speaking, TN color is pale and not bright enough. The viewing angle is small. If you look off the center, there will be obvious color shift and brightness difference.


Tn panel and ips panel which is better?

When buying computer products, many factors need to be considered. In addition to the more important configuration and price factors, the screen is also a very important aspect, because more and more people need to work long hours in In front of the computer, the damage of the computer screen to the eyes cannot be ignored. At present, there are mainly two types of notebook screens in the mainstream market on the market. One is that the tn screen is a soft screen. After sliding gently with your hands, there will be similar water marks, and the other is the ips screen. Hard screen, compared to tn panel screen, color reproduction is more accurate, and the response is also faster.

One of the main advantages of the Tn screen in the LCD era is that the cost is very low, but the viewing angle is small. When viewed from the side, the visual effect is not particularly excellent. It is because of the lack of viewing angle of this screen. At present, this type of panel display is gradually being introduced into the mainstream market. The advantage of the tn screen is that the output gray junction is less, the deflection speed of the liquid crystal molecules is fast, and the response time is easily improved. At present, all liquid crystal products on the market under 6ms use tn panels. With the continuous improvement of such panels, the latest The tn panel will no longer sacrifice image quality due to high-speed response, and the quality of the picture has been closer to the simplified version of the light angle panel display screen.

The Ips screen can be said to be an upgraded version of the tn screen. When users enjoy high-speed motion pictures for a long time, they can still ensure clear and smooth real effects, and have the advantages of large viewing angles, true colors, accurate activity and reduced power consumption. . But in terms of price, this kind of screen is very expensive, but this kind of screen has a significant reduction in eye irritation, which fully meets the health requirements.


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