How to check the switch?

Last Update Time: 2018-12-15 14:43:25

There are three kinds of inspection methods, that is, observation, multimeter examination, and short check method.


( 1 ) Observation method can be checked by visual observation for the switch with obvious action and direct contact. The switch is placed in the normal working state to observe whether the contact is contacted or separated, and at the same time to observe whether the contact surface is damaged or not, is there any corrosive gas corrosion products ( such as silver sulfide, silver chloride, needle crystal ), the contact surface is discolored, and whether the two contact points are offset. For abnormal switches, it is also possible to check whether the action is normal and the cause of failure by manual and observation.


( 2 ) The multimeter inspection method

A closed key switch for a water level switch on an automatic washing machine, such as a switch with a concealed contact and difficult to observe the on-off state, you can check the resistance with a multimeter.

 In the position where the switch should be connected, the resistance of the input terminal and the output terminal is measured, and the resistance value is infinite, and the resistor is disconnected; if the resistance is zero or close to zero, it is normal; if there is a certain resistance, it shows that poor contact, the greater the resistance, the more serious the phenomenon of poor contact.


( 3 ) Short connection inspection method is the simplest method for the switch on the whole machine. When the circuit containing a switch is not working properly, and it is suspected that the switch is faulty, then the input and output terminals of the switch can be connected by wires , that is, the short connection that is usually called. If the original abnormal state is changed to normal after a short connection, the switch is faulty.


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