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Electro-acoustic device refers to the electrical and acoustic conversion of the device, which is the use of electromagnetic induction, electrostatic induction or piezoelectric effect to complete the electricity sound conversion, including speakers, headphones, microphones, and vocals


Loudspeaker is an electroacoustic device that converts audio current into sound. Loudspeakers are commonly called loudspeakers, and there are many kinds of speakers.

1. Classification of loudspeakers

 ( 1 ) divided into electric ( moving coil ) loudspeakers, electromagnetic loudspeakers, and electrostatic ( capacitive ) speakers according to energy mode, piezoelectric ( crystal ) loudspeaker and discharge ( ion ) loudspeaker.

 ( 2 ) According to the mode of radiation it is divided into a paper basin ( direct radiation type ) loudspeaker, horn ( indirect radiation type ) loudspeaker.

( 3 ) According to the form of diaphragm, it can be divided into paper basin loudspeaker, ball top loudspeaker, belt loudspeaker and plate-driven loudspeaker.

( 4 ) It can be divided into single cone loudspeaker, combined paper basin loudspeaker, combination number simple loudspeaker and coaxial compound loudspeaker.

( 5 ) Divided into high-fidelity loudspeakers, listening speakers, loudspeakers for musical instruments, small speakers for receivers, and water middle loudspeaker.

 ( 6 ) Circular speakers, elliptical speakers, cylindrical speakers, and rectangular loudspeakers are divided into shapes.


 2. The common speaker

( 1 ) horn loudspeaker is the shape and structure of the loudspeaker. The working principle of the driving unit ( commonly known as the treble head ) is similar to that of the electric loudspeaker, but its acoustic radiation is not directly radiated by the paper basin, it's sent out by a number. Its main advantage is its high efficiency. Its efficiency can reach 10 % ~ 40 %. The disadvantage is that the replay frequency band is narrow ( and the low frequency response is poor ).

( 2 ) The ball top loudspeaker is similar to the horn loudspeaker structure, just no horn. The  dome loudspeaker  vibrating membrane approximates the hemispherical surface, which is directly radiated by the loudspeaker like the electric paper basin loudspeaker.


( 3 ) Flat speaker flat loudspeaker is a new type of loudspeaker, its biggest advantage is that it has wide and flat frequency response characteristics, and the resonance distortion is very small, it's a high quality speaker.


( 4 )The flat panel loudspeaker is a plane-driven vibration plate loudspeaker, whose radiation vibration is completely piston vibration in the frequency band. The flat diaphragm can adopt the honeycomb vibration plate which is light, thick and rigid, and the metal cone basin with strong rigidity can be adopted, in which foam resin is filled.




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