Advantages of digital circuits over analog circuits

Last Update Time: 2019-07-08 15:43:53


Analog circuit

An analog circuit is a circuit used to transfer, transform, process, amplify, measure, and display an analog signal. An analog signal is a continuously changing electrical signal. The analog circuit is the basis of the electronic circuit, and mainly includes an amplifying circuit, a signal operation and processing circuit, an oscillating circuit, a modulation and demodulation circuit, and a power supply.


Digital circuits

A circuit that performs arithmetic and logic operations on digital quantities with digital signals is called a digital circuit, or a digital system. Because it has logic operation and logic processing function, it is also called digital logic circuit. Modern digital circuits are constructed from a number of digitally integrated devices made by semiconductor processes. A logic gate is the basic unit of a digital logic circuit. A memory is a digital circuit used to store binary data. As a whole, digital circuits can be divided into two categories:combinational logic circuits and sequential logic circuits



Advantages of digital circuits over analog circuits

1, digital circuits are easy to standardize

Different signals have different requirements and different purposes. The structure of the analog circuit is different. It is necessary to change the circuit structure and re-board. Digital circuits can be adapted to the requirements and objectives by changing the program without changing the circuit structure or by adding only a few standard auxiliary processing units.

These advantages are even more pronounced for multi-quantity, multi-class signal processing.

The biggest benefit of standardization is the sharp drop in cost and the time to build the circuit is greatly reduced.


2. There is a limit to the fidelity requirements of analog quantities in real-world applications. For example, a TV set, the original analog TV can make the fidelity of the image signal very high, and now the LCD TV looks "clear" very clearly, not because of the fidelity of digital TV and the analog TV. The same, but the fidelity that the human eye can distinguish reaches the limit, and the difference between the two is not seen, and the feeling is clear enough.


3, the digital circuit structure is simple

The analog circuit processing analog quantity is completed by the structure of the circuit, and it is necessary to solve the problems of interference, distortion, etc., the structure is complicated, and the debugging is also difficult. The digital circuit processing analog quantity is completed by the program, and can solve these problems as long as programming, the structure is simple, and the debugging is convenient.

Digital circuits meet signal fidelity requirements