IGBT and IGBT modules

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l  The main parameters of insulated gate bipolar transistor IGBT

(1) the maximum collector current IeM. IcM represents the current capacity of IGBT, which is divided into Ic under the DC condition and Icp under Ims pulse condition.

(2)The gate one emitter opening voltage UcE (th) UcE (th) refers to the minimum gate voltage when the IGBT device flows through a certain collector current Ic under a fixed collector a emitter voltage UcE. When the gate voltage is equal to the opening voltage UGE (th), the IGBT starts to turn on.

(3) a gate Emitter Breakdown Voltage UGEM. UGEM represents the highest voltage that can be sustained between the IGBT emitter and the emitter, and the value is generally 20V.

(4)The highest voltage of the collector is UcEs. Uces indicates the withstand voltage capability of the IGBT collector. At present, IGBT withstand voltage grade has 600V, 1000V, 1200V, 1400V, 1700V, 3300V.

(5)The maximum power consumption of the collector is PcM. PcM represents the maximum permissible function of IGBT.

(6)Cies refers to the capacitance of a gate between a emitter voltage Uce and a gate emitter voltage UcE=0, which characterizing the transient current characteristics of the gate driven by a certain collector, which is a emitter voltage Uce and a gate emitter voltage UcE=0.

(7)Switch time. Switching time includes conduction time ton and relationship time toff. The conduction time ton also includes the conduction delay time Td and the rise time tr.


l  Application of  IGBT and IGBT modules

 ( 1 ) the selection of IGBT module in the case of using IGBT module to select the voltage and current specifications of the ICBT module, you need to pay consideration.

1)Current Specifications.

 When the collector current of the IGBT module is increased, the rated consumption is also increased. At the same time, the switching loss is increased, and the heating of the element intensifies. Therefore, according to the rated loss, the heat generated by the switching loss, the junction temperature of the device is controlled ( T ) below 150℃ ( usually for safety reasons, below 125℃ ), please use the current set current below. In particular, when used as a high frequency switch, due to the increase of switching losses, the fever also intensifies, and attention should be paid to it. In general, it is recommended that the maximum collector current be controlled below the DC current rating.

2) Voltage Specifications.

The voltage specification of IGBT module is closely related to the power supply voltage of the device used. Table 7-3 is the relationship between the supply voltage and the voltage of the components.


(2) Prevent static electricity

The withstand voltage of Vce of IGBT is 20V, and the voltage of IGBT exceeds the voltage of withstand voltage.

Attention should be paid to the risk of damage, so that the voltage between the grid emitter can not exceed the withstand voltage.

In the case of the use of the device, if the gate circuit is not suitable or the gate circuit is completely unworking (the gate is in the open state), if the voltage is added to the main circuit, the IGBT will be damaged. In order to prevent such damage, it should be indirect in the grid one emitter - only about 10k0 resistance.

In addition, as the IGBT module is MOS structure, the following points should be noted for static electricity.

1)When using the module, do not touch the driving terminal part when holding the components.

2)Before using the conductive material to connect the drive terminal module, do not connect the module before the wiring is ready.

3)Try to operate under the condition that the floor is well grounded.

4)When you have to touch the module terminal, you should first touch the body or clothing after ESD.

5) In the welding operation, the leakage between the welding machine and the groove can cause the static electricity. In order to prevent the generation of static electricity, please put the welding machine in good grounding state first.

6)Containers for components are selected without static electricity.


(3)Parallel problem

In parallel, it is very important to make each device flow through an equal current. If the current balance is broken, the device that is too concentrated will be possible damage. In order to balance the current energy in parallel, the characteristics and wiring methods of the device should be appropriately changed. For example, it is important to select the VEE ( SAT ) parallel connection of the device.


( 4 ) Other considerations

1)The temperature and humidity of the place where the semiconductor components are kept should be kept at normal temperature and humidity, and should not be deviated too large. The requirement of normal temperature is 5℃ ~ 35℃, and the requirement of constant humidity is 45 ~ 75 %.

2) Determination of surge voltage on opening and closing, please measure at the terminal.


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