Different of a five-terminal integrated voltage regulator with reset function and a voltage-controlled five-terminal integrated voltage regulator

Last Update Time: 2018-12-17 15:12:49

1.Five-terminal integrated regulator with a reset function.

The five-terminal integrated voltage regulator with reset function mainly provides 5V supply voltage and reset signal to the CPU circuit. Take L78MR05FA as an example, the output voltage of L78MR05FA is 5V, and the output current is 500mA, and there are safety protection circuit and overheat protection circuit, and has a reset function, the delay time can be set by an external capacitor.


2.Voltage controllable five-terminal integrated voltage regulator.

 The five-terminal integrated voltage regulator with controllable output voltage has been widely used in household appliances. The five terminal voltage regulator of BAXXX series is the new production of ROHM ( ROM ) Company the main output voltage of the series voltage regulator is 3.3V, 5V, 9V and other specifications. The number behind BA represents the output voltage.


There is an overheat protection circuit inside the five terminal voltage regulator of BAXXX series. When the temperature exceeds 25C at room temperature, the output power begins to decrease with the increase of temperature; when the temperature exceeds 125C, the output voltage drops to 0.

There is also an overvoltage protection circuit. When the input voltage exceeds the limit value, the output voltage of the output terminal drops to 0. The series voltage regulator 1 foot is the control terminal, and when the pin is connected to a high level, the output terminal 4 of the voltage regulator outputs a normal 5V; when the foot is connected to low voltage, the output terminal 4 stops output.

The L780SO5FA has the same function, 1 foot is voltage input, 2 feet are empty, 3 feet are ground, 4 feet are control end. 5 feet are output. When 4 feet are low potential, the 5 feet of L780SO5FA can output stable 5V voltage : when the voltage of 4 feet is high, the L780S05FA is turned off, no 5V output. When detecting the voltage controlled five-terminal integrated voltage regulator, we first use the resistance method to judge whether there is breakdown phenomenon, and then measure it by the method of road voltage.

It should be noted that : only when the control foot potential is high or low, the output foot has output or no output, when tested by voltage method, it is easy to misjudge if the control foot is set low, and the control foot is placed on the high potential.

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