What is the solution to the illegible font on the LCD display?

Last Update Time: 2022-03-29 11:01:40

Fuzzy fonts are also a common problem on LCD monitors. The so-called font issue is that when we use LCD monitors, we feel that the font seems to be dragging the shadow, not as sharp as the normal font. The LCD display has problems with fonts. In fact, in most cases, the fonts are virtual because of the user's own settings.

   To solve the problem of the LCD display fonts being false, the first thing is to check whether the resolution of the LCD display is correctly set. LCD monitors will have an optimal resolution, just like a 19-inch widescreen LCD monitor is 1440*900 (some are 1680*1050), a 22-inch widescreen LCD monitor is 1680*1050, and when the resolution set by the user is not the most When the resolution is good, the font will be illegible.

  If the user cannot find the best resolution corresponding to the LCD in the adjustment options, he needs to install the graphics card driver first. This also explains why most users who find that the font is illegible occur after replacing the graphics card. Therefore, if you find that the LCD display has problems with fonts, please check whether the system resolution is set to the best resolution. If you cannot find the best resolution in the adjustment items, you must first install the graphics card correctly (including Integrated motherboard) driver.

  If it is determined that the resolution is set correctly, and the phenomenon that the text is illegible still appears, then the user needs to adjust the LCD display by himself. The method is very simple, that is, directly press the "AUTO" button on the OSD menu of the LCD display (some LCDs realize the AUTO button through a combination of keys). Its function is to allow the LCD display to automatically adjust to make the text display sharper. Of course, this situation is only useful for analog signals (VGA), if the user uses a DVI signal line, then its effect will not be too great. If the user does not have the "AUTO" button on the LCDOSD button, it needs to be manually adjusted. Generally speaking, it is to adjust the "Pixel Frequency (PixelClock)" and "Phase Adjustment (Phase)" two options, which is in the LCD adjustment menu Can be found.

Of course, in addition to the resolution and automatic adjustment, the phenomenon of illegible fonts on some LCD monitors is indeed due to defects and aging in LCD ICdrive circuit design or workmanship, or it may be that the integrated motherboard electromagnetic shielding is not doing well. The probability of appearing on some cheap products is relatively large (in fact, it is also very rare). If the previous operation has not been effective, then you can only contact the after-sales and manufacturer of the LCD monitor.


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