What is the Inductor?

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1.Inductor Introduction.

Inductor (inductor coil) is a kind of electromagnetic induction element, which is made of insulated wire (such as enamelled wire, yarn wrapped wire, etc.). It is a kind of energy storage device in magnetic field, and is also one of the commonly used components in electronic circuit. The unit of inductor is "H".


2. Inductor code.

Inductors are represented by the letter L, such as L65 for the 65th inductor. Inductors sometimes play a role in insurance, the insurance inductor is expressed in FB.


3. Inductor circuit symbol.

The inductors used in the motherboard are divided into chip inductors and inductors. Their symbol are shown in Fig. 1. Chip inductors are generally used to protect small power supply circuits, such as chip power supply, signal line safety. Inductor coils are often used in power supply circuits such as CPU power supply, memory power supply and bridge power supply.


         (a)Chip inductor                 (b)Inductor coil


                     Fig.1 Inductor circuit symbol

    4. Common type of inductor.

Patch inductors (see Fig.2(a) appearance is brown, often next to the P/S2 interface and on some small power supply circuits. Inductor coils (see Fig. 2(b) with a black shell with numbers written on the surface, often next to CPU sockets, memory slots, for power supply filtering and energy storage.




        (a)Patch inductor                                                             (b)Inductor coil

 Fig.2 Inductor physical diagram

5. Judge the inductor.

The inductor can be judged by measuring whether the two ends are connected. As shown in Fig.3, using a digital diode or buzzer, the red and black pen gently clamps the two ends of the inductor measurement, showing 0 for normal inductor and infinity for open circuit of inductor.


6. The replacement of an inductor.

Patch inductors look for the same size replacement, some circuits can connect a 0Ω resistor replacement or direct connection. Inductor coils generally find the same size, the same number of turns to replace.


7. The application circuit of inductor.

The principle of inductor is illustrated in Fig.4: the VCC3 power supply is changed from the inductor L12 to the PCI_E module inside the Beiqiao chip through the R241 and R215 partial voltages. If the VCCA_EXP current exceeds the L12 inductor, it can receive the current. Inductors will burn open circuit to protect the North Bridge chip from burning out.



     Fig.3 Measurement of inductor                                       Fig.4 An example of Application       

                                                                                                           Circuit of Inductor

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