Principles and requirements for electronic product packaging

Last Update Time: 2019-01-04 10:43:07

l  Principle  for electronic product packaging


1.Packaging is a system. Its scope includes the provision of raw materials, processing, container manufacturing, accessories supply, and related production for the completion of the whole package, service department.


2.Packaging is an integral part of the production and operation system.


3.Product is the center of packaging, product development and packaging development is synchronized. Good packaging can make the product more attractive, but even the best packaging can not cover up the defects of inferior products.


4.Packing has three functions : protecting products, stimulating purchase and providing convenience for consumers.


5.Excessive packing and imperfect packing will affect the sales of products.


6.Economic packaging for the purpose of the lowest cost. Only marketable, can expand the packaging cost of product sales, in line with the economic principles.


7.Packing must be standardized. It can save packaging and transportation costs, and also simplify the production of packaging containers and packaging materials management.


8 Product packaging must be based on market dynamics and customer preferences, and constantly improve and improve in a changing environment.


l  The packaging requirements


1.Appropriate packaging should be able to withstand reasonable heap pressure and impact.


2.Reasonable compression packing volume.


3.Dust proof.

Packaging should have dust-proof conditions, the use of foamed plastic paper ( such as PEP materials, etc. ) or polyethylene blow molding film and other materials with no chemical reaction on the surface of the product the whole dustproof, dustproof bag should be sealed.


4.Moisture Prevention.

In order to prevent the temporary rainfall in circulation or the impact of atmospheric moisture on the product, the package should have general moisture-proof conditions. When necessary, we should carry out moistureproof treatment in case of packing.



The packaging should have sufficient buffering capacity to ensure that the product is subjected to impact, vibration and other external forces in the process of circulation, from mechanical damage or mechanical damage can go down or disappear.


6.The sign on the package.

1)The sign on the package should be in harmony with the size of the packing box.


2)The writing style of the text sign is from left to right, from top to bottom, and the number is Arabic numerals.


3)The color of the logo is mainly red, blue and black.

The content of the logo should include :

A.Product name and model.

B. Trade names and registered trademarks.

C. Color of the main body of the product.

D. Package quality ( kg ).

E.Maximum external dimensions of packages ( L. B. H, in mm ).

F. Quantity of built-in products ( units, etc. ).

G. Factory date ( year, month, day ).

H. Name of the plant,stacking layers, etc.

I. Storage and transportation signs ( up, wet, careful, bar code, it is the sales package to be printed in line with the bar code. )


4)Mark method can be printed, pasted and so on.


Packaging materials should choose the appropriate packaging materials according to the packaging requirements and product characteristics.


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