What is a functional switchgear

Last Update Time: 2018-12-05 10:39:18

First,A functional switchgear is an appliance that uses not only a switch function but also a switch with other special functions (such as a circuit breaker, a speed switch, a time delay switch, etc.).


Second, the choice of functional switchgear:


1. The functional switchgear should be suitable for the most cumbersome work system possible;

2. The functional switching device can only control the current without disconnecting the load;

3. Disconnect devices, fuses, and isolators should not be used as functional switching devices.


Third, the functional switchgear can use the following devices:

1, the switch;

2. Semiconductor switching device;

3, circuit breakers;

4, contactor;

5, relay;

6, 16A and below plugs and sockets.


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