What is the role of the transformer?

Last Update Time: 2018-12-05 10:13:54

The transformer is used to change the AC voltage, which is formed by the core and the coil wire. It not only changes the voltage of the AC, but also changes the impedance. It can also change the current when the power is not exceeded.

In different environments, the use of transformers is also different, such as:

1.For long-distance input electric lines, in order to reduce the line loss, the electricity coming out of the power plant should be boosted to tens of thousands of volts (such as 11KV). When it reaches the destination, it will be stepped down (such as 220V).

2. In the electronic amplifying circuit, in order to achieve the minimum energy consumption between the two-wire amplification, impedance matching is required, and the transformer is connected to change the impedance.

3. When welding, the current required between the electrode and the weldment is very large (tens to hundreds of amps), and the voltage is very small (a few volts). A welder is a transformer that turns a high voltage (such as 220V) into a low voltage. And without changing the power, a large current is generated at the output.

4. Sometimes, different voltages are required in an environment, and the transformer can be made into multiple windings or intermediate taps. In turn, a variety of voltages are generated.

5. In the AC voltage regulator, the number of turns of the output coil is changed instantaneously to achieve the purpose of speeding the output voltage.