What is the future of 5G and Wifi6?

Last Update Time: 2022-05-09 11:03:36

In the new infrastructure era, the deployment speed of 5G will be greatly accelerated. But there is another transmission technology that will come into our eyes, this is Wifi6. Competition or coexistence? What kind of relationship will these two be in the future?

  The concept and introduction of 5G have been spread all over the Internet, but some people may not know much about Wifi6. In fact, this is also a protocol, a protocol on WiFi6 devices. It can realize high-speed network communication and low-latency network connection. It can support more devices and more stable connections. In fact, like 5G, Wifi6 was born for the era of Internet of Everything.

   5G and WiFi6

   The earliest popularity of 5G was due to the hegemony between China and the United States, but Wifi6 did not attract many people's attention. However, with the impact of the new crown epidemic in 2020, cloud computing has been driven, and home office and online education have made households have higher requirements for broadband speeds. Therefore, some people who have even abandoned wifi have found the router again.

   After all, the network bandwidth is even greater, if the router is not powerful, it is useless! Without a good broadband, even the best mobile phones and computers will not help. So the value of WiFi6 was tapped again.

   From a speed perspective, 5G is indeed slightly better. But this gap only exists in the test equipment, and human perception cannot be judged. In addition, although the 5G network speed can theoretically reach 10Gbps, is there really such a powerful mobile phone now? There is still a difference between theory and reality.

   The three respected operators will not provide us with theoretical speed, because then they may really go bankrupt. Having said that, it is actually unnecessary.

  Since we can ignore the rate problem, what other factors can make us pay attention to Wifi6? That is naturally the price. Although 5G has been hot for more than a year, the high price of traffic is scary. Optical fiber tariffs are much cheaper than 5G. Even for a 100M broadband, the monthly fee is only tens of dollars. Therefore, Wifi will definitely not be replaced by 5G, and the standard has to be upgraded.

  WIFI6 can connect more devices

  As mentioned in the opening chapter, Wifi6 was born for the interconnection of all things, and the number of connected devices is naturally its advantage. Although the previous router can also connect multiple devices, the network speed will decrease as the number of devices increases. This is mainly due to the insufficient number of signal channels of the router. In other words, it doesn't matter how many devices you connect to, but the information is sent over those few channels. When it's full, you have to queue and the network speed will drop. But in the era of Wifi6, this will no longer be a problem. The multi-channel mechanism ensures the network communication of each connected device, greatly reducing the delay.

  Wifi6 is more energy efficient

   Artificial intelligence is the future development trend, Wifi6 is no exception. In the future, Wifi6 can determine the frequency of traffic usage of the device, and then analyze the frequency of its connection to the network, and plan related connection plans for it. This can ensure that the device will not occupy the network channel for a long time, and slow down the signal transmission between the device and the router, so as to save the power of the device. In addition to smart phones, it will be great for smart appliances in the future.

   In short, although 5G has many benefits, it will still coexist with Wifi for a long time.


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