What issues should pay attention to when using the multimeter?

Last Update Time: 2019-02-16 10:36:20

1.Do not touch the pen when testing.

When using a multimeter, do not touch the conductor part of the pen with both hands, because the human body has a certain resistance, which has a great influence on the multimeter. Especially in the detection of resistance, do not touch the metal at the two ends of the components and the metal parts of the two pens, so as to avoid the human body resistance and the multimeter resistance to be measured in parallel, so that the detection results are not accurate.


2.issues to be noted when reading test data correctly.

When reading the data measured by the pointer multimeter, two eyes should be positive to the dial, so we can't squint, in case the reading value is not accurate and causes misjudgment.


3. do not twist the wrong stock when testing.

 When you need to detect the current or voltage, do not screw the wrong stock. It is easy to burn the multimeter if the electric barrier or current is mistakenly blocked from measuring the voltage. When the multimeter is not in use, it is best to place its stock at the highest AC voltage to prevent damage due to misalignment.


4. positive and negative polarity should be observed when determining the number of parameters required for polarity.

When using a multimeter to detect DC voltage or DC current, be careful not to misconnect polarity. If a pointer reversal is found, change the pen position immediately to prevent damage to the pointer or header.


5. problems to be noted in detecting parameters that do not know the size of the data.

If you do not know the magnitude of the voltage or current to be measured, use the maximum gear first, and then dial back to the appropriate gear to measure it, so as not to damage the gauge head by excessive deflection of the gauge needle, and the closer the selected baffle is to the measured value, the more accurate the value of the test is.


6.the pointer multimeter does not turn in electrical blocking when not in use.

When the multimeter is not in use, it should not be rotated in the electric barrier, because there are batteries in the meter. If the two watch pens collide with each other in a short circuit, it will not only consume the battery, but also damage the head of the watch if serious.


 7. do not electrify the retaining position of the pointer multimeter. In the detection of multimeter, do not change the gear with electricity, especially when AC 220 V or above 0.5 A, do not easily dial the baffle switch.


8. other issues to be noted.

When moving the multimeter, take it lightly, do not make the shell stick to gasoline, banana water and other liquids, but also away from heating electric iron, so as not to damage the multimeter.


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