One of the special resistor:thermistor

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Special resistor mainly includes thermistor, photoresistor, varistor, humidity sensitive resistor, gas sensitive resistor and force sensitive resistor, etc. Each type of resistor has different naming methods, characteristics, and detection methods.


This article is briefly introduces one of the special resistor:thermistor

Most of the thermistors are made of high temperature sintered metal oxide in different proportions. Its resistance varies with the temperature.

According to the structure and shape, the thermistor is divided into round, square, bead, rod, Guan Xianzhuang, thin film, thick film and so on.

According to the heating mode, it is divided into two kinds: direct heat type and side heat type.

The varistors can also be divided into negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors and positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistors.

1. Main parameter

(1). The rated power (PM) means the dissipative power allowed in the long-term continuous work of a thermistor under the prescribed standard conditions. The actual use shall not exceed the rated power.


( 2 ) Measurement power ( P )refers to the power consumed at a specified ambient temperature, when the resistance of the resistor is less than 0.1 % caused by the heating of the test current.


( 3 ) Nominal resistance ( R2s ) generally refers to the actual resistance value of the thermistor when the ambient temperature is + 25°C.


( 4 ) The actual resistance value ( Rr ) is measured at a certain temperature and condition ( the temperature rise caused by the power supply is not more than + 0.05°C, the resistance change shall not exceed 0.1 % ) resistance value.


( 5 ) Maximum voltage refers to the maximum DC voltage that the thermistor is allowed to continuously exert on a thermistor at a specified ambient temperature.


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