The method of detecting the good or bad of the ordinary potentiometer with indicator multimeter .

Last Update Time: 2019-07-01 17:59:58

When using the indicator multimeter to detect the quality of the ordinary potentiometer with switch, the nominal resistance and contact of the potentiometer should not only be tested according to the above method, but also the quality of the switch should be tested.


First, intuitive inspection.

The shaft handle of the detected potentiometer is first rotated to check whether the switch is flexible and whether a crisp "clatter" sound can be heard when the switch is switched on and off.


Second, the detection method.

The pointer multimeter is placed in the Rx1 block, the two pens are connected to the two external welds of the potentiometer switch, and then the shaft handle of the potentiometer is rotated so that the switch is switched on. The resistance value of the multimeter pointer should be changed from to 0Ω. When the switch is turned off, the resistance of the multimeter pointer should be changed from 0Ω to .


In the above detection, repeatedly turn on and off the potentiometer switch, at the same time observe the switch during each action of the switch reaction. If the multimeter resistance indicator value is not 0 n when the switch is switched on, and the resistance indication value is not when the switch is disconnected, the detected potentiometer switch is damaged.


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