What are the design features of wireless temperature sensors?

Last Update Time: 2023-07-12 15:18:19

We now live in a social environment based on information technology. There are three main types of information technology in our society. One is the collection of information, the other is the transmission of information, and the last is the right Information processing. The wireless temperature sensor is a device for information transportation and processing. What are the characteristics of this device when it is designed?

Wireless temperature sensor design-to ensure the safe operation of equipment

In the industry and power industry, the normal operation of electrical equipment guarantees the normal operation of society and the normal life of the people, so the reliability of the equipment is very important. Many companies advocate preventive maintenance of equipment, and temperature is the most important monitoring parameter in preventive maintenance, too high or too low temperature means the possibility of failure. Realizing online temperature monitoring is an important means to ensure the safe operation of high-voltage equipment.

High temperature and overheating directly cause the mechanical strength and physical properties of electrical materials to decrease, and the contact resistance value increases. Under the continuous current flow state, the oxidation of the device connection point will be accelerated. As a result of oxidation, the contact resistance value will continue to increase, heat generation will increase, and the temperature will continue to rise. Lead to high temperature and overheating. The problem of high temperature overheating is a continuous development process. If it is not controlled, the degree of overheating will continue to increase. The contact resistance value increased by each temperature change will increase the heat of the next cycle, and the increased temperature will cause The working condition of the joint deteriorates further, thus forming a vicious circle, which seriously affects the service life of electrical equipment.

The traditional temperature measurement method has a long period, complex construction, low efficiency, and inconvenient management. When a failure occurs, it will cost a lot of manpower to physically investigate and re-lay cables. However, in certain occasions, the monitoring points are scattered, the environment is closed, or there is high voltage, and many temperature measurement methods cannot achieve measurement.

Wireless temperature sensor design-a collection of many technologies in one

The wireless temperature monitoring and early warning system is a high-tech product integrating advanced sensing technology, digital identification technology, wireless communication technology, low power consumption technology, anti-interference technology and automatic control technology. It consists of a wireless temperature display, a wireless temperature sensor, and a background Management system composition. It can realize on-site and remote simultaneous online monitoring and early warning of equipment temperature changes under a variety of harsh environmental conditions, so that maintenance personnel can fully and timely grasp the equipment operating status. It is specifically applied to various contacts and connection points of electrical equipment, such as: busbar joints, cable joints, outdoor knife switch contacts, transformers and motor lead joints and other measuring points. The system can display the distribution of the entire temperature field in the form of an electronic map, which can clearly find abnormal temperature points and determine potential faults. Take measures in advance to avoid accidents.

At present, the wireless temperature sensors that have been publicly sold on the market are mainly used in our agricultural production, scientific research or household life and other fields. As long as this wireless temperature sensor product is used, we can save money in our daily lives. To get rid of a lot of unnecessary troubles, under the need of transportation information, using wireless temperature sensors can also help us achieve the results we want as soon as possible.


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