What is the principle of a handheld gyroscope sensor?

Last Update Time: 2021-01-09 10:50:11

Due to its unique properties, gyroscopes are widely used in navigation systems (aviation and navigation), motion analysis and control, platform stability detection and control, roll detection, speed control, high-inertia measurement units, robot control systems, etc. In the electronic field, it can be used in optical image stabilization, game control, and 3D mouse.

The gyroscope sensor is a simple and easy-to-use positioning and control system based on free space movement and gestures. It was originally applied to helicopter models and is now widely used in mobile portable devices such as mobile phones.

Gyroscope sensor principle

The principle of a gyro sensor is that the direction of the rotating axis of a rotating object will not change when it is not affected by external forces. People use this principle to keep their direction. Then use multiple methods to read the direction indicated by the axis and automatically send data signals to the control system. We actually use this principle when we ride bicycles. The faster the wheels turn, the less likely it is to fall, because the axle has a level of force. Modern gyroscope is an instrument that can accurately determine the orientation of moving objects. It is an inertial navigation instrument widely used in modern aviation, navigation, aerospace and defense industries. The main part of the traditional inertial gyroscope is a mechanical gyroscope, and the mechanical gyroscope has high requirements on the process structure. In the 1970s, the basic idea of modern fiber-optic gyroscopes was proposed. After the 1980s, fiber-optic gyroscopes have been developed very rapidly, and laser resonant gyroscopes have also been greatly developed. The fiber optic gyroscope has a compact structure, high sensitivity, and reliable operation. The fiber optic gyroscope has completely replaced the mechanical traditional gyroscope in many fields, and has become a key component in modern navigation instruments. Fiber optic gyroscopes have been developed in addition to ring laser gyroscopes.

The role of gyroscope sensors in mobile phones


Core tip: Gyro sensors can fully sense the change dimension of spatial displacement in all directions. It was first used in aviation, aerospace and marine fields. With the cost of gyroscope sensors falling, many smartphones now integrate gyroscopes

The gyroscope sensor can sense the change dimension of the displacement in space in all directions, and it was first applied to the fields of aviation, aerospace and navigation. With the cost of gyro sensors falling, many smart phones are now integrated with gyro sensors, so what is the role of gyro sensors in mobile phones? The following editor of China Sensor Trading Network will give you a detailed introduction.

The gyroscope sensor in the mobile phone is first used for navigation. If the gyroscope cooperates with the GPS in the mobile phone, its navigation capability will be greatly improved. In fact, at present, many professional handheld GPSs are also equipped with gyroscopes. If corresponding software is installed on mobile phones, their navigation capabilities are no less than those currently used on many ships and aircraft.

Secondly, the gyroscope sensor can also be used with the camera in the mobile phone, which will prevent the camera from getting worse when the hand shakes.

The third is to enhance mobile phone games to reflect flying games, sports games, and even some first-view shooting games. Gyro sensors can completely monitor the player's hand movements to achieve various game operation effects. The gyroscope sensor can also be used as an input device, which is equivalent to a stereo mouse, enhancing the gaming experience.

The above are the four functions of the gyroscope sensor provided by Xiaobian for mobile phones. Users can refer to the above content as a reference, and finally the most promising and application range of the gyroscope sensor in the future. That is, it can help mobile phones to achieve many augmented reality functions. The main idea is that people can have a deeper understanding of some objects in reality through the processing power of mobile phones or computers.


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