How is electric car environmentally friendly?

Last Update Time: 2019-07-08 15:58:42

1. Renewable energy generates more than a quarter of its electricity. Even without considering any other factors, electric vehicles have reduced pollution by a quarter from the perspective of power source structure.


2, electric car owners are mainly used during the day, home charging at night, and most of them can reserve charging time, which can greatly reduce the waste of valley electricity, play a role in balancing the peaks and valleys of electricity usage - many would have been wasted Electric energy is used by electric vehicles in this way, especially in areas rich in wind power and hydropower. These electric energy cannot be used at night, and electric vehicles are equivalent to "save" energy.

But these are based on having a private charging pile.


3. Then talk about how cars without private charging piles can achieve environmental protection. At present, most of the public charging piles are powered by the national grid, which means that the energy structure of the grid determines the environmental protection of the charging piles. As mentioned above, one quarter of the electricity is now clean energy.

However, only a quarter of the environmental protection can be achieved, which is not enough for some companies. For example, Tesla, such as BAIC New Energy.

Tesla's energy storage project has been carried out in many countries around the world, and the collected solar energy is stored in the battery energy storage system to provide 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply, whether it is electric vehicle charging or household, corporate life production and electricity, can achieve energy cleanliness.


The Optimus Prime plan of BAIC New Energy is similar. The protagonist of the "Optimus Prime Project" is the optical energy storage power station. It has an energy storage system, which can use the low-cost valley electricity at night to complete the electricity storage, and charge the electric vehicle during the day, which can reduce the waste of the valley electricity; It can also be combined with photovoltaic power generation systems to solve the problem of unstable photovoltaic power instability—daytime power generation, combined with the ability of the energy storage system to provide 24 hours of external power supply, which is consistent with Tesla's energy storage project concept.


Whether it is Tesla's energy storage or Optimus Prime, there is another major mission: to absorb a large number of retired batteries for electric vehicles. The life cycle of a lithium battery is actually very long. The standard for the life of a lithium battery is: When the available capacity of the battery pack is less than 80% of its designed rated capacity, the battery pack is considered to have completed its mission and can be eliminated.

But in fact, the battery still has a very high value, and the energy storage system is the best place for these retired batteries. In the early years, the design of the battery pack was not standardized, and the secondary cost of processing the decommissioned battery was relatively high. However, as people became more aware of this problem, the battery packs of many models in the past two years were considered for decommissioning. After the energy storage use, it can be directly loaded into the energy storage system after being disassembled from the car, and the workload in the later period is greatly reduced, which also makes people see a very clear prospect.


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