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Integrated Circuits (ICs)

Manufacturer: GigaDevice Semiconductor (HK) Limited
Short Description: GD32F103RCT6 is compatible with STM32F103RCT6. Bet...
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DataSheet: GD32F103RCT6 datasheetGD32F103RCT6 Datasheet/PDF
Quantity: 10000
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Series: GD32
Packaging: LQFP64
Part Status: --
Programmable Type: --
Number of Macrocells: --
Voltage - Input: 2.6V-3.6V
Speed: 40MHz
Mounting Type: Surface mount
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The GD32 series of 32-bit general-purpose MCU products based on the ARM Cortex-M3 core have a main frequency of 108MHz, which is 50% higher than similar products on the market and provides excellent processing performance.

At present, the on-chip flash memory (Flash) is 1024KB, RAM is 96KB, the power supply voltage range is 2.6V-3.6V, the power supply voltage of the core is 1.2V, the I/O port can withstand 5V level, and the embedded real-time clock (RTC) and 2 watchdogs (WDG), with power-down reset (PDR), power-on reset (POR) and voltage monitoring (LVD) functions. Advanced control timer supporting three-phase PWM complementary output and integrator can be used for vector control GD32 series MCU strives to provide users with excellent system performance and flexible application experience, and is more outstanding in terms of cost performance. In order to give users a greater range of freedom to choose during research and development, the new GD32F103 product line provides Flash capacities ranging from 16KB to 1024KB, and there are multiple package options such as QFN36, LQFP48, LQFP64, LQFP100, and LQFP144. The series products are fully compatible in software and pin packaging.

This series of MCU products are oriented to industrial and consumer embedded applications, and are suitable for industrial automation, human-machine interface, motor control, security monitoring, smart home appliances, and the Internet of Things, etc. In addition, there is a rapidly growing demand in the field of frequency conversion control



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    1. ARM Cortex-M3 core

    2. Frequency up to 108 MHz

    3. Single-cycle multiplier and hardware divider

    4. NVIC support 16 interrupts, each interrupt has 16 priority levels

    5. Flash memory

    6. Flash up to 3072 KB

    7. SRAM up to 96 KB

    8. 2KB ISP loader ROM

    9. Low power management

  10. Support power saving mode: sleep, deep-sleep and standby mode

  11. Independent battery supply for RTC and backup register

  12. High performance analog peripherals

  13. 3 x 12bit 1s ADC

  14. 2 x DAC

  15. Varity of peripherals interface

  16. Up to 5 x USART/lrda/LIN/ISO7816

  17. Up to 3 x SPI (18Mbits)

  18. Up to 2 x I2C (400Kbit/s)

  19. Up to 2 x CAN 2.0B (1Mbit/s)

  20. USB 2.0 FS (12Mbit/s)

  21. On-chip resources

  22. 1 x Advanced Timer, 1 x SysTick Timer, up to 10 x GPTM, 2 x WDT

  23. 2 x DMA supported

  24. POR, PDR and LVD

  25. 80% available GPIO

  26. 32 bit CRC

  27. Clock: HSI (8MHz) and LSI (40KHz)

  28. External Memory Control supported: SRAM, PSRAM, NOR-Flash, LCD

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