How does the connector manufacturer enhance the durability of the connector?

Last Update Time: 2019-07-09 11:39:05

In many industries,connectors are used. The contacts in the connectors are usually copper. Connector manufacturers often plate a layer of metal, gold or silver or other metals. For those who don't understand the electronics industry, everyone may have doubts. Is there any special significance for plating the connectors?


In fact, the connector manufacturer's purpose of plating the connector is to not only reduce the corrosion of the connector to the environment, but also improve the wear resistance and durability of the connector, and it can maintain the connector impedance stably from the electrical performance. Helps improve and use the quality of the coated connectors, resulting in longer connector life. The presence of the coating is like a soldier wearing an armor, which enhances his own defense ability, just as people wear a down jacket in the winter to enhance their ability to resist cold.



The specific performance of the connector coating is:

1. Connector plating has the characteristics of using precious metal plating


2, the connector coating also has the characteristics of using ordinary metal plating


3, can improve the anti-corrosion function, in the special environment, the ability to resist environmental interference is stronger, and the service life is improved.


4, help improve electrical performance


5, help to improve mechanical properties, enhance the number of plugging and unplugging of connectors, improve wear characteristics.


Therefore, the price of the connector is closely related to the plating of the connector. The price of the plated metal used is also very different. We can think that the price of gold plating and silver plating will be completely different. The thickness of the plating layer also has the quality of the connector. A big impression, too thick or too thin will have a big impact on performance.


Connector gold plating specifications are commonly used 30u", 15u", 3u";

The early G/F was plated 3u" min, but then as the price of gold continued to increase, the price of electronic products continued to drop, and G/F was gradually plated into 1u", as long as it appeared gold, if thickness was used To measure, the general control 1u" min.