which aspects should be considered when choose the display connector?

Last Update Time: 2019-07-08 16:25:38

The display connector, as its name implies, is  the connector used in the display. It generally refers to the connector used on the display harness and the board-to-board connector used on the PCB. There are still many companies in the market to do this class connectors, but also because of this, the quality of which needs to be carefully distinguished, the number of safe and reliable high quality connectors on the market is still relatively small. Here are five ways to explore how to choose a display connector.

Five considerations for choosing a display connector:

1. Pay attention to the actual situation, not only to see the standard, but to exceed the standard. Because the display industry is developing rapidly and the changes are very large, we can clearly see that from just the color TV to the 4K and 8K TVs in just a short time, the mechanical and environmental performance of the connectors are constantly being provided claim. Therefore, when considering quality issues, it is best to choose a cost-effective product beyond the standard.


2, the dimensional tolerance control accuracy, display connector size tolerance is a key factor affecting the contact performance, a little bit of error, it will cause the terminal to withdraw the needle, resulting in connector application failure and so on.


3, look at the quality control system of the connector factory, the connector factory provides good test information of the display connector is easy, the test score is also very good, but when you arrive at the factory, you will find that the finished product has no test links, the repair of non-conforming products And the detection of no procedures, etc., have affected the overall quality, and can only be qualified for a while, but not a long-term high pass rate. In the long run, the quality system of a good connector factory is an important criterion for inspection.


4, the use of materials, whether it is the choice of coating materials or the choice of hardware materials or plastic materials, raw materials for the quality of the connector is the most important, because this is the simplest and most effective way to save costs


5, pay attention to the characteristics,  the characteristics of the display connector is very important, depending on the characteristics of the material used, usually by: corrosion resistance, high temperature, low temperature, etc., and the connector used for the display needs to be fireproof Flame retardant properties.