How many devices can your wireless router support to connect?

Last Update Time: 2019-07-09 11:08:30

WiFi router performance can refer to many parameters, one of which is believed to be rarely known, that is, the number of devices that can be supported, that is, how many devices can provide normal and stable WiFi routers when the network speed is normal. Net speed. However, this standard is rarely mentioned by routers, because it is generally used on enterprise routers.


Consumer routers rarely mention this parameter because of the different environments. In the past, in many cases, general consumer routers could not reach the upper limit of the machine. This is why not to mention about this aspect, otherwise, many users may go to pursue this parameter.


But now, many of our home devices often need WiFi, such as TV, notebook, mobile phone, tablet and smart speakers, so the number of devices that the WiFi router can support will appear, then our ordinary routers in the end How many devices can support the normal network connection?

In fact, the number of devices that a router can support is quite different between theory and practice. In theory, the home LAN built by routers in our home is a Class C network. For example, the IP of our router is generally, and the last set of numbers is generally It can be 0 to 255, but since 0 and 255 cannot be used to make the IP address of the device, it can only be 1 to 254. That is to say, in theory, a normal router can support up to 254 networked devices.


Can it actually be? How many devices can be brought, you need to look at the hardware performance of the router.

Although it can support so many devices, but how much is the network normal? For example, 254 simultaneous Internet access, how many devices will not encounter network disconnection problems?

Generally speaking, a single-frequency wireless router can only support about 10 units, and you can connect 20 units. However, some devices will have the problem of being able to connect to WiFi, but cannot access the Internet. Now there are many dual-band routers. This dual-band router can support 20 to 25 units. However, the dual-band router is similar to the combination of two single-frequency routers. You must put these 20 devices at two different frequencies. On the above, for example, 2.4G and 5G respectively bring 10 units, otherwise there will be network problems.


So can we increase the number of supported devices on the router? This is obviously impossible, unless you will upgrade the hardware of the router, otherwise it is meaningless to update the router's system, because it has been said, this is related to the hardware performance of the router, the more devices that are brought, even through the system. Solution will also increase the burden on the router CPU and memory, and then affect the network.

Therefore, if you encounter a problem that the network is normal and the router is normal, but some devices are unable to access the Internet properly, then you need to consider whether the router is connected to too many devices. At home, the device that can connect the network cable should try to connect the network cable. If you don't use the device, you can disconnect the WiFi, or buy a dual-band router, so that different devices can connect to different frequency bands. The support of more than 20 devices is basically enough for a family.