Some basic considerations and failure analysis of the connector

Last Update Time: 2019-07-05 16:25:55

Several key technologies used in development include:

       Differential signal, noise-free signal and ground plane technology used to reduce crosstalk;

       In order to adjust the lead of the connector, the delay difference due to the unequal physical distance between the input and output of the connector can be changed;

       In order to achieve maximum transmission efficiency, the characteristic impedance value of the connector should match the characteristic impedance of the transmission circuit.


    Development towards miniaturization, high density, high speed transmission; development prospects of circular filter electrical connectors


      Towards the development of high performance and high frequency technology;

       High voltage, high current connectors are also in great demand;

       Connectors are also moving toward anti-jamming technology, modular technology and lead-free technology. In the case where the rate of the conventional parallel synchronous digital signal is to reach the limit, the high-speed serial method is a good solution. This makes low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) the primary level standard for next generation high speed signals. The choice of high-speed connectors has also become a major problem to be solved by high-speed signal interconnection.




l  Precautions to prevent overheating of the electrical connector

1 If it is found that there is a fault, the power cord electrical connector should be disconnected and the conductive column inside the electric water heater socket should be unscrewed, polished to a bright condition with the abrasive paste, and the wires and wiring screws at the connection between the power cord and the electrical connector are removed. The oxide layer of the conductive post in the socket and the electric water heater reduces the contact resistance.

2 Apply a little conductive paste to the power cord connector and the socket lead of the electric water heater.

 3 The tongue and wiring screws on the military electrical connector must be replaced immediately.

 4 The socket and the conductive column on the electric water heater should be removed immediately, and the socket and the conductive column of the same specification should be replaced. When installing an electric water heater socket, a power knife switch should be installed.


l  Common fault analysis and solution for electrical connectors

At present, the application of electrical connectors in life has become more and more extensive. Due to the small size of these devices, the design is more sophisticated, and various situations often occur in use.


       For some common faults, we also need to do the corresponding analysis work, and think about the solution:

  1 Temperature resistance

The current maximum operating temperature of the connector is 200 ° C (except for a few high temperature special connectors), the lowest temperature is -65 ° C. Since the current generates heat at the contact point when the connector is in operation, resulting in a temperature rise, it is generally considered that the operating temperature should be equal to the sum of the ambient temperature and the junction temperature rise. In some specifications, the maximum temperature rise allowed by the connector at rated operating current is specified.


2 Intrusion of moisture-resistant moisture will affect the insulation performance of the joint h and corrode metal parts.


3 Salt spray connector When working in an environment containing moisture and salt, the metal structural parts and the surface treatment layer of the contact part may cause galvanic corrosion and affect the physical and electrical properties of the connector.


4 Vibration and shock Resistance to vibration and shock is an important performance of electrical connectors. It is especially important in special applications such as aerospace and aerospace, railway and road transportation. It is an important indicator of sexuality to verify the robustness of electrical connectors and reliable electrical contact.


 5 Other environmental performance According to the use requirements, other environmental properties of the electrical connector are also sealed (air leakage, liquid pressure), liquid impregnation (resistance to specific liquids), low pressure, etc.