How to choose the right LED street lamp power supply?

Last Update Time: 2022-02-21 11:15:30

The power supply of LED street lamps determines the driving of LED street lamps. Let's take a look at what is the power supply of LED street lamps!

The choice of LED street light power supply (the type of LED street light power supply) is the correct choice for the normal operation of the mechanical control system of mechanical equipment. When choosing LED street light power supply (LED street light power supply knowledge), the factors and points we have to consider are also many aspects. So, in the selection process of LED street lamp power supply, what aspects should we consider? Many people may not understand this. In view of this, the editor made a detailed summary of the considerations and selection points about the selection of LED street lamp power supply by collecting and collating information.


Selection principle of LED street light power supply (optional purchase of LED street light power supply)

First of all, according to the type of mechanical equipment, load torque characteristics, speed range, static speed accuracy, starting torque and use environment requirements, then decide which control method and protective structure of LED street lamp power supply is most suitable. The so-called combination is to achieve the best cost performance of LED street lamp power supply applications on the premise of meeting the actual process production requirements and use occasions of mechanical equipment.

The main points of choosing LED street light power supply

The first point. Select the LED street light power supply with appropriate control method according to the load characteristics

There are many types of LED street light power supplies on the market today, and their functions are becoming more and more powerful. The performance of LED street light power supplies has become a decisive factor for the speed control performance. In addition to the "innate" conditions of the manufacturing process of LED street light power supplies, It is also very important what kind of control method the LED street lamp power supply adopts. The following table summarizes the performance characteristics of various LED street lamp power control methods in recent years.

In summary, the use of different control methods for the variable frequency control of asynchronous motors can provide speed regulation characteristics with different performance characteristics.

Second point. Select the protective structure of the LED street lamp power supply according to the installation environment

The protection structure of the LED street lamp power supply should be compatible with its installation environment, which must take into account factors such as ambient temperature, humidity, dust, acidity, alkalinity, and corrosive gases. This is related to the long-term, safe and reliable operation of the LED street lamp power supply.


Factors to be considered in the selection of LED street light power supply

When selecting the speed of the LED street lamp power supply, it is necessary to consider from the aspects of process requirements, economic benefits, and investment recovery period. If only considering the technological requirements and saving benefits, it is more advantageous to choose frequency conversion speed regulation in the following situations:

According to the process requirements, the production line or single equipment needs to adjust the motor speed according to the program or according to the requirements. For example, the conveyor system of the packaging machine needs to change the transmission speed of the system according to different varieties of products. The use of frequency conversion speed regulation can make the speed control system mechanism simple, accurate control, and easy to implement program control.

Replace mechanical speed with frequency conversion speed regulation. For example, the machine tool can not only save the complicated gearbox, but also improve the racing speed and meet the program control requirements.

Instead of using gates or baffles to adjust the flow rate, it is suitable for fans, pumps, compressors, etc. For example, the boiler water pump, blower and induced draft fan are controlled by frequency conversion, which not only saves the servo amplifier, electric operator, electric actuator and water supply valve (or windshield), but also makes the entire boiler and boiler control system get Fast dynamic response, high control accuracy and stability.


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