A55 chip board 1.1V bridge power supply analysis.

Last Update Time: 2019-04-04 11:05:00

The A55 chipset main bridge power supply mostly uses operation plus MOS tube depressurization to provide 1.1V power supply, as shown in figure 1.

Fig.1 A 55 chipset motherboard power supply schematic diagram.


 Figure 1 A55 chipset main board bridge power supply schematic diagram.


1.Short switch, bridge output SLP_S3# high level signal to the G1 pin of Q57, using D1 and S1 conduction, get low level to G2 foot, make D2 and S2 cut off, obtain high level 1.1V_REF.


2. The FCH_1P2V_REF passes through the resistors R379 and R377 sub-voltages to give the 1.1V_REF a 1.1V voltage to the 10 pin of the U27C, a 10-pin voltage higher than the 9-pin voltage, and an 8-pin output high-level feed to the control poles of Q56 and Q55, using both Q55 and Q56 on at the same time. The VCC_DDR memory power supply depresses the VCCIP1 voltage and supplies the bridge with power.


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