The case of the screw of the ATX power supply

Last Update Time: 2019-03-30 10:52:55

ATX power supply used by the ATX power supply, as well as the built-in cooling fan and circuit board inside the housing, are fixed as a whole through the screw assembly.

The screws used in the ATX power supply are mainly in the following categories (in mm)

(1) Housing retention screws (4pcs): flat head, 3x6 (measured as 2.88x5.94).


(2). Passive PFC inductive fixation screws (4 pcs): flat head, 3x6 (measured as 2.88x5.94).


(3). Power socket retention screws (2 pcs per socket): flat head, 3x8 (measured as 2.90x7.94).


(4) fixed screws (1 pcs) for interconnection of electrical outlet ground wires and housings: flat head, 3x6.


(5) Circuit board fixation screws (4 pcs): round head, 3x8 (measured as 2.86x8.20).


(6) Fan retention screws (4 pcs): flat head, 5x10 (measured as 5.03x9.89).


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